Authentic Emirati Experience at Ajman Museum

Ajman Museum By: Hamza Shafique Every emirate in UAE has a Museum which is basically the conversion of old traditional residences of the rulers into Museums. Before I visited Ajman Museum I had already visited Dubai Museum (which I absolutely love), Heritage villages in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah/Al Ain Museums, So, when I moved to Ajman there…

Decoding Antiquity

Decoding Antiquity By: Hamza Shafique We all have fancied visiting great pyramids of Giza in Cairo or beautiful single dome engineering marvel Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Also, we all have admired the beautiful Buddhist sculptures from Gandhara period and the excellent workmanship of Roman marble sarcophaguses. We have countless statues, palaces and temples with walls adorned with the stories of…

Three reasons that make Akhenaten the most interesting Pharaoh of all times

Three reasons that make Akhenaten the most interesting Pharaoh of all times By: Hamza Shafique As soon as you walk into Cairo Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, you are welcomed by thousands of artefacts from thousands of years of Ancient Egyptian history.  Whole experience overwhelming and to an ordinary eye all artefacts after a while tend to look similar but still…



In today's time when world is becoming a global village, I feel individual identities are being lost in creation of one global identity. In this scenario ancient world civilizations offer a unique experience. Visiting museums and ancient sites make one feel like going through an alien world and that is why growing up I was always fascinated with antiquity and people of that time.
If it was up to me I would have opted for Archaeology as a career but as I am from South Asia , I ended up becoming an engineer. Now I have a 9 to 5 job which pays for my travels around the world to different museums and ancient sites.
Ajab Gher Kahani is a personal project to document and share my experience from all such travels. Ajab Gher Kahani in urdu mean story of a museum.
I welcome you all to read and share my stories of Antiquities.

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